WTF Husband?!

My husband is borderline narcissistic. He is very much about himself, and rarely considers any consequence beyond what he is thinking about. This applies to any events he wants to go to, trips, purchases – he is all very spur of the moment when he sees something shiny in front of him. This month he is traveling overseas for 8 days to see a concert and visit some family. Then he goes south for a week long work conference, immediately followed by a trip to Texas for a bachelor party. There will be two 10 day time spans that we won’t see him.  The weekend following the bachelor party, we have an out-of-state wedding that we’re attending. The bride and groom are SUPER nice people. We’re just not that close with them in my opinion. I was kind of surprised that my husband got invited to the bachelor party, but figured it was because he is friends with someone that is in the wedding. So this will be two weekends in a row that he will miss coaching our son’s baseball team. When it impacts my schedule and my kids’ schedule, I start to get annoyed. Annoyance has kicked in.

I was glad when I saw the wedding was on a Sunday. Perfect. We can fly in late Saturday, and out Monday morning, all while coaching the game on Saturday. Of course, he asked me if I wanted to drive because his friends were trying to convince him to drive. OF COURSE THEY ARE! WE HAVE AN EIGHT PASSENGER SUV! It will be *so nice* for them to travel for free. No. It’s a 10.5 hour trip each way – nearly 24 hours of driving. Not going to happen. He was just complaining to me that he was done driving to my home state, 7 hours away. So we sure as fuck aren’t going to drive 24 hours to accommodate his pals. Besides it is a 1.5 hour flight. YESSSS! My time is too valuable to spend an entire day traveling. Of course he starts complaining to me that we need to fly in on Friday or early Saturday because surely everyone will be doing something on Saturday night. I said maybe a rehearsal dinner? That we won’t be invited to. Plus it isn’t like we’re arriving at midnight. We get in at 8:30. Still a reasonable time to socialize if people are out doing things. I told him HE committed to coaching our son’s team, and it is unacceptable to miss as many games/practices as he will be. The LEAST he can do is work with me on this one fucking weekend.

I’ve been married to him for over 12 years now, and love him tremedously. This is nothing new, and it comes in waves. This particular wave is just coming at a really crappy time.