Holy Pandemic

I wish I had taken the opportunity to write at the start of the pandemic. I was too busy going stir-crazy and trying to manager it all. I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to work from home, keep my family and my parents safe, and not really have much change other than the extras in life. What a shit show 2020 was….and really I don’t even think 2021 is looking to be that much better. Just our new normal. It sucks that my daughter doesn’t really know anything other than a life with masks. I mean she is only 6, and while she does remember
pre-pandemic days, it won’t be long until this is what she only knows. My boys are 8 & 10 now, and I think they will remember things. But again, who knows…I notice my boys forgetting so many things from earlier childhood days that are so vivid in my mind. The bittersweet part of parenting. I was re-reading some of my earlier blog posts – and I still recall their sweet little voices as if it was yesterday. I often think that when I’m old and dying, that is what I’ll remember as the lights go out. Being a mom is the experience and privilege of a lifetime. And nothing else will ever top it for me.

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